My journey

I started teaching myself to program in order to solve problems that I saw, but no one else in my environment acknowledged. Along the way, I noticed that with every new thing I learned, I was able to solve new kinds of problems for the people I worked with.

Today, what I do frequently involves a self-motivated goal: learn a new technology, explore a concept, solve a challenging puzzle. But I’ve found that I work even better when these goals connect to an external need: someone who sees my progress, and who benefits when I improve a product, fix a bug, or augment a library.

In keeping with that, I’ve been proud to do work with a community of learners and mentors through to level up my skills as a developer. With Thinkful, students help each other get through the curriculum, and successful learning goes hand-in-hand with community engagement.

Now I am at the beginning of my career as a professional developer, and I’m looking for ways to continue learning and making a difference at the same time.